Eat local and avoid the Apocalypse…

Line breaks: lo¦ca|vore
Pronunciation: /ˈləʊkəvɔː/
noun: North American
Definition of locavore in English: A person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.


Let’s face it, in the past few years the term ‘environmental sustainability’ has become super fashionable.
This is not to say this is a passing fad, thankfully quite the contrary.
As city consumers, there are a large number of us that are now becoming extremely conscientious, with an understanding that unless we change our Earth pillaging habits, this planet of ours is up the proverbial creek without a paddle, and therefore so are we.

Unless… All those fanciful science fiction movies about human lotteries and intergalactic space stations, are actually based on future fact and are secretly being funded and released by the US government as a subliminal way to prepare and educate us for the impending end of Earth as we know it, and the subsequent relocation of mankind to the Andromeda Galaxy…

Note to everyone: It is about this time you should start considering your doomsday bunker prep (or an indispensable position a NASA), my theory has holes but is maniacally plausable.

The Locavore 1

Anyhoo, these days, for those of us that want to save the Orangutans and also support local, the abundance of farmers markets, regional artisans and producers and even provincial distilleries have made our mission so much easier.
Gone are the times of being forced to buy Tanqueray, when Settlers from McLaren Vale and KIS from Kangaroo Island, collectively make the World’s best G&T with their incredible spirits.

But enough about the ‘now’ for a minute, let’s talk about the past…
Back in 2003, when South Australian food lover and passionate rural conservationist Chris March founded the celebrated Adelaide Hills eatery The Locavore, not only was it the first of its kind in Australia, but the word ‘Locavore’ wasn’t even yet scribed into any of the English language dictionaries.
Chris was a pioneer.
One of the Australian forefathers of a metropolitan dining and consumer movement that will not only ensure the survival of local businesses and farms, but also support the Australian economy, create a legacy of better health and food habits, and gosh darn it, maybe even save the World.

Armed with knowledge (and uncanny foresight), Chris opened a cozy restaurant and wine bar in the heart of Stirling, then named it a not yet known word, and followed a very strict principle…
That wherever possible, all produce must be sourced within a 100 mile radius (that’s 160kms for all us metric babes).
12 months later, enter a talented British head chef named Freddie Monaghan, and the rest as they say, is History…
Accolades, Awards, and a grand reputation.

The Locavore 2

For you see, it’s always worth visiting The Locavore for their crowd pleasing café fare menu with a twist (Caesar salad with house cured Sardines anyone? Carnivore Gnocchi? Mmmm sounds like a bowl of meaty pasta goodness to me…), or an after work Tapas plate and glass of Adelaide Hills wine to wind down to…
However, what really got my mouth juices flowing when it met my hungry gaze, was the daily specials blackboard.
These ever changing dishes are a testament to Freddie’s talents.
Give him ingredients, and he will give you a stellar dish.
Got Goat? He’ll give you a Cape Malay Curry. Got Coorong Mullet? He’ll give you Grilled Mullet with Sautéed Kale and Preserved Lemon butter… All local.

But, besides the incredible food and wine, the other truly noteworthy part of a dining experience at The Locavore is that Chris and Freddie really know their stuff, and they are faithfully passionate about what they do.
Hearing Chris tell how he sources Caperberries from Port Pirie, and watching his eyes light up when he speaks of the talented Hahndorf artisan who makes their palate cleanser Lemon Myrtle Sorbet, or distinguish the flavour note of each and every glass of Adelaide Hills wine we are bestowed…
And then, listening as Freddie described his dishes.
How a goat became available, so he used his 12 years of working in South African Game lodges to produce an authentic regional curry most South Aussie locals would never have the chance to experience (and unlike any curry Cory and I have ever tasted) was enthralling.
We hung on their words and wanted to learn from them, because their passion is contagious.

The Locavore 3

Yes, our meal was memorable in so many ways.
From the initial G&T that we were met with (Best we’ve EVER tasted. Chris you’re a maestro, Fresh Thyme, a stroke of genius), to our lightbulb decision to forgo conventional table seating, and enjoy our entire dinner at the central bar instead.
The array of seasonal dishes we were delivered, each as delicious as the next…

Italian Minestrone with Parmesan Crisp
Smoked Haddock Empanada with Spiced Tomato Chutney
Housemade Chicken Liver Pâté with Nectarine Paste
Beef & Red Wine Pie with Quince and a Pumpkin Purée
Pork Belly Slider with Apple sauce and Candied Balsamic
Lemon Myrtle Sorbet
Grilled Coorong Mullet with sautéed Kale, New Potatoes, Caperberries and Preserved Lemon Butter
Cape Malay Goat Curry with condiments and Kangaroo Island Chickpea salad

Then culminating in a dessert delight, that left us rolling out the door, but vowing to return again soon…
Spiced poached Lenswood Pear with Salted Caramel sauce
Espresso & Aldgate Honeycomb Panna Cotta

And we will return, on a Wednesday with the kids for their Wagyu Loca-burger with wine special…
Or a Friday with the friends, for their Regional Platter and live music lineup.
The Locavore is now, our newest ‘local’.
And really, how fitting that it is…

Until we dine again… xxx


For more information and to find out about the amazing ‘Land of the Long Lunch’ deal The Locavore are offering, please go to the following link;

For more information about ‘The Land of the Long Lunch’ and to get on the competition trail with us, please go to the following link; or check out my blog post HERE


  1. Joanne T Ferguson said on July 1, 2015 Reply
    What a great post Bree and thanks for making me more aware of The Land of the Long Lunch! The Locavare sounds like my kind of place to enjoy wine and dine!
    1. Bree May said on July 1, 2015 Reply
      You definitely need to get on the 'Land of the Long Lunch' trail Jo. The locavore is brilliant, you won't regret visiting them for a fabulous meal and a wine or 5!!

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