Our delicious range of Ketchups are all made and bottled entirely by hand.
Made using my own secret recipes, we utilize age-old traditional methods of preserving, so you can enjoy a totally natural Artisan product, free from gluten and full of flavour.
Community minded, all produce is sourced locally supporting local farmers and businesses, and we only use the freshest, top quality vegetables and spices, you can taste the difference!
Bree x

Ketchup According to Bree

With absolutely no hidden nasties, our range of hand-crafted, small batch Ketchups are made entirely from scratch and bottled with love, using Bree’s own secret recipes and spice blends.

Totally all natural, our Vegan ketchups are free from artificial preservatives and are 100% Gluten Free.
Ketchups According to Bree are made the way ketchup should be, using old fashioned homestyle methods and are so utterly delicious, you’ll be hooked from the very first bite!
Perfect on their own, as an all natural flavour base or as a quick and easy marinade. Go ahead, just try to pick your favourite…

Smoked Ketchup

SMOKED KETCHUP According to Bree
Slowly and gently cold smoked using real fruitwood chips, resistance from this smoky ketchup is futile.
The perfect all-rounder, this ketchup adds a depth of flavour to any meat or meal. Use liberally, whenever the fancy takes you!

Chilli Ketchup

CHILLI KETCHUP According to Bree
This ketchup is not for the faint hearted. Perfect for those who love a little kick with their ketchup!
Serve it alongside your favourite cut of meat, on top of eggs or as an easy marinade for finger licken’ Buffalo wings.

Curry Ketchup

CURRY KETCHUP According to Bree
With just a hint of heat, this spiced ketchup will take your taste buds on a journey to somewhere exotic.
This is the perfect partner to bacon and eggs, or a deliciously different classic hotdog or burger.

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