About Bree

My name is Bree May.

I’m a bespoke caterer and professional chef. I’m an artisan ketchup craftswoman. I’m a published writer, food stylist and recipe developer.
I’m a sometimes blogger. I’m a live entertainer. I’m a public speaker and spokesperson.
I’m also a 2014 My Kitchen Rules champion.

But, above all else I’m a mum of two glorious daughters who are the funniest, craziest cats I’ve ever known and the (sometimes flawless, often flawed) wife of my BFF Cory, who’s obsessed with motorbikes, hunting and the U.D.S. (ugly drum smoker) he made himself from junkyard scraps.
They are my reason for everything, biggest fans and harshest food critics.

This is food according to me…
Old school, the way it used to be, using real ingredients.
I’m an advocate of secondary cuts, seasonal, sustainable, high welfare produce and cooking from scratch. Food doesn’t need to be fancy and expensive to be fabulous.

My mottos: Everything in moderation, including moderation – Well, helloooo there salt, wine and ‘OO’ pasta… Always say Yes and work it out later… Plus, life’s too short for fake butter, cheese and people.

An affinity with food is innate, but knowing how to cook is learnt, so you’re never too old, or too young to get started in the kitchen. And, you’ll never stop learning, because you’ll never know it all.
I love to share my recipes and knowledge, because food is meant for sharing.
It brings together friends and family. It creates new relationships, and nurtures old ones. It’s the universal language of love.

I also love to share my stories, because life is meant for sharing too.
But, I’m not here to preach, because I don’t have any of the answers.
All I do know, perfection is a myth. One person’s Medium-Rare will always be another’s Well-Done.

Write your own script, laugh at your own jokes, and when life gives you lemons… Find someone with tequila and start a party!

Bree x