Chapter One…

I’ve been writing this blog for exactly 2 years. This is actually where it all started for me, post My Kitchen Rules… The very beginning of my crazy and amazing new life in food.
And honestly, where did I think I’d be right now, back then?
Well, considering Cory and I gave me exactly 2 years to get things happening until we called it a day and I returned to the safety of a guaranteed fulltime pay check, I truly had no idea… But I was filled with hope, and blind faith.

2 Years.
24 Months.
731 days.
17554 hours.
It’s only a drop in the ocean of time, but in these last two blogging years, this much has happened;

I’ve met and worked with so many seriously cool people, some of whom I can now call my friends.
I’ve been to so many outrageously ridiculous events… Well helloooo there Gelato World Tour in Italy… WTF, I still cannot believe that that one happened.
I get to cook at some seriously fun events, and for some seriously amazing businesses, in front of all sorts of awesome crowds… How is this even considered work?
No really… How? But it is! *** Insert: Tears of Joy ***

I’m an official Ambassador for The Longest Table, a cause very close to my own heart. Get on board pumpernickel’s, and help us tell cancer to Fork Off at
I’m a State Brand Ambassador for Brand South Australia. What an honour. I love you South Australia!
I also have the privilege to work with some other amazing charities, which all have a mission I feel passionate about.
My hope is, this good work, as well as being entirely soul warming and an inherent karmic duty, will also facilitate my entry into a positive afterlife even though I’m an agnostic who believes in aliens more than the bible.
Hmmm, one can only hope really…

I’ve been published by some awesome online and print publications. And I pray to the universe, that this is only the beginning of that one particular prayer… Oh heya, Delicious… Lookin’ good over there SBS Feast magazine!
Of course, especially since this dear friends, is my ‘Dream Career Destination’.
“Where do I see myself in 20 years’ time, at age 56?”
A freelance writing author of several books, who’s a summer chasing citizen of the world and enjoys catering long lunches in the garden of our villa/château/homestead… Now, excuse me while I ride my bike to the piazza for a piadina and gelato.
He he, just putting it out there… Dreeeeeaaam, dream, dream, dream…

I’ve begun a catering business. Yes, people seem to enjoy eating my food, and I enjoy cooking it for them. It’s a win-win really. Let’s keep it up.
I’ve started cooking classes. And, I find it quite ironic how a high school dropout, has now become a quasi-teacher of sorts…
I’ve even launched my own range of totally handcrafted artisan ketchups which I make, bottle, lid and label with my own bare mitts in the Adelaide Hills.
I’m also mentally crafting a novel.
I’m working on a cookbook… Or, ten.
Actually, I’m working on a food empire. Stay tuned…


Now, I understand how reading this you may see it as shameless gloating, and I suppose it kind of is.
‘Food According to Bree’ is still brand new, and shit has been rough, but it holds promise for us. And, I am proud of all I’ve accomplished in such a short time.
Even more so considering, that 4 years ago I was in a long and comfortable career as a travel agent. Spending all my free time planning my next catered party and fantasizing about the voyage I’m now on, yet, not actually possessing the balls to make the career and life change I so desperately yearned for.
That is, until Cory forced me to apply for a cooking competition…

But you know, I’m just one person. There’s no ‘I’ in this team.
I also get by, with a lot of help from my friends.
So besides being a total brag rag, this post is also a love letter to them. I would be nowhere without the people who believe in me and always have my back. Being a good role model for my children and when my family and friends tell me that I make them proud, that’s the stuff I really care about. It’s all that mattered to me when I was on telly, it’s all that matters to me now.

So without any further ado, thank you from the top, bottom, and every corner of my heart…
To my precious baby turtle doves. For giving me endless amounts of blogging fodder, and for also giving me something to work for and be inspired by every, single, day. You are making me a better person, and LOVE isn’t a word enormous enough to describe how much you make my life worth living.
My super husband, Cory. There’s nobody else in the world I want to have by my side eating piadina and gelato when I’m 50, you crazy, hairy hillbilly. I adore you… I also regularly want to kill you… And after 13 years together, we’re still learning, but we’ll be right as long as you start hanging up your wet towels XXX
My family. You’re the awesomest bunch of loons I’d ever hope to be related to. Especially you Mum… Thanks for always being there, and for immediately hopping on a plane everytime Cory and I need you. You’re a fighter and the greatest optimist I know. We would all be completely lost without you xxx
My beautiful big sisters and my besties. My Golden Girls. Thanks for always listening to my bullshit problems, and forever backing me solidly. And, Demsy, thanks for fixing my makeup when I cry in public. I’m such a loco mess, but you all love me anyway. And I love you all too X
My amazing foodie friends, who have opened doors, offered your wisdom, and helped a sista out in this crazy new world. The collaborations and opportunities I’ve already had, still blow my mind. Thank you.
And last but not least, Dimi and your team of cool cats. Thanks for keepin’ it real and unselfishly looking out for us. Cory and I are grateful to have you.

So, in honour of the moment when I said to myself…
“Hmmm, WTF do I do now? Think I need to write a food blog…”
I am taking you right back to where it all started.
This is a cocktail and pâté celebration. Because, turning 2 is a really big deal.

Until next time… Love you all, and thanks for sharing this cray-cray website with me.
Now, onwards to chapter two…
Bree xxx


Here you have it, my very first blog post… And my very first posted recipes… And, I’m feeling quite pleased right now because this 2 year old ‘Cocktail and Pâté’ photo is also testament to my stratospheric improvement at food photography – Although, I do keep my camera on auto most of the time and still have no feckin’ clue how to shoot outside at night…

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  1. Sandy Robinson said on May 14, 2016 Reply
    Love it ! ❤️ Happy birthday Breezer xx ??
    1. Bree May said on May 16, 2016 Reply
      Thanks gorgeous!! X

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