First cab off the rank…

So here it is friends… my inaugural blogging post.

I have to say, I really feel like this is cause for celebration – mine anyway. I’m one of those scary individuals that drive their car and can’t remember how they got from point A to point B because they’re too busy daydreaming about their fantasy novel/hit record/Hollywood blockbuster/perfect partner or in my particular case, cookbook.

Note to SAPOL: Such talk of daydreaming is just a daydream, and at no time is the vehicle actually in operation.

As you probably already know, I am a mum. And I am a very proud one at that. My family is without a doubt my main purpose in life and the inspiration for everything I do. Every decision I make, every path I pursue, it’s always with them firmly in mind. I have two very special little girls and being a good role model to them is as important to me as breathing.

I believe it’s important to teach my daughters that you can have your proverbial cake and eat it too. In other words, they can be wives and mothers but still have a career, follow their own dreams, live life to the fullest and have a strong voice. And that’s what I intend to do. My dreams have always revolved around food. Writing and creating recipes for others to enjoy and hopefully be inspired by.

Hence, start a blog.

Food according to me… Family, Travel, Passion, Therapy, Love, Fun… Obsession!

It’s definitely no secret with those who know me, yes I really, really, really like to talk and sweet Jesus… dare I say it… I’m opinionated. But, as much as I like to tell a yarn, I also love to listen and experience and learn and basically take in as much as I can from this amazing world and the awesome people in it and around me.
And, I really love to share.
I love to share food. I love to share recipes. I love to share experiences and I love to share my point of view. I’m sort of feeling that I maybe should’ve started blogging years ago. Hopefully there’s a few peeps out there in cyber-space that are actually interested in listening to me?

Anyway, please stick with me fellow food comrades, I’m new to this whole blogging caper and I am bound to make several mistakes, but I do vow this;
I Bree, do solemnly swear to triple test every recipe before I post it – most of the time… half of the time… hmmm get back to you on that one…
I Bree, do solemnly swear to give my honest opinions and be totally candid.
I Bree do solemnly swear that as long as I have readers that are keen to hear my views and share my recipes, I will always be excited to share them with said readers.

Since this really is a cause for celebration, I thought maybe we should drink AND eat, in that order… just this once.

I know its super old fashioned and a bottle of true bitter goodness, but seriously if you have never experienced the delights of Campari then go forth, post haste and buy a bottle NOW. Run, don’t walk. If on the freakish chance, you have tasted Campari and God forbid, don’t like it. Take a punt, go and buy another bottle, because this ridiculously delicious cocktail will change your mind.
Now, if this cocktail fails to change your mind about Campari, just go back to what you did as a teenager drinking $10.00 Moonshine… buy 4 more bottles and drink it straight until you DO like it.
However, if this further course of action still fails to work then maybe you should make enquiries into the possible medical advancement of taste-bud transplants, because yours appear to be broken.

Anyway, this is just a little Friday afternoon ditty I concocted for a celebratory howler such as this. Let me know what you think…

Recipe: Bitter Apple

And, what my friends, is such a delightful little drink, if it’s not paired with an equally delightful little bite? Didn’t Mumma ever tell you? Ya got to eat boy! Line the stomach and all that. I’m obviously not one to support the old adage ‘Eatin’s Cheatin’.

Recipe: Prawn Pâté

My darling husband Cory likes to call it ‘Wine club’. Better known to all us mothers as Friday afternoon “play dates” LOL.
Anyhoo, some of the most discerning and honest people I know are my girlfriends and this delicious pâté goes down a treat at our wine clu… I mean play dates.
Best served when you have cause to celebrate such as these; inaugural blogging post, Friday arvo with the girls or the boys or both… you get the drift. Or perhaps, you’ve just got some prawns floating around in the freezer? That too would be a reason enough.

Anyway, I’m signing out now until next time and I am excited. I am extremely excited! Why? Because friends, even if the world just sees me as another annoying blogger… I’m a writer!


  1. Xin @ Adelaidefoodies said on May 15, 2014 Reply
    Congratulatitions on the first post! Love love your honest story and the two fantastic posts. Looking forward to reading more of your recipes and food adventures. How exciting:D You are officially a WRITER!
    1. Bree said on May 15, 2014 Reply
      Thanks so much Xin! It feels so damn good and I can't wait to share my stories and recipes with you all x
  2. Sissy Cots said on May 15, 2014 Reply
    Well done Bree, to all readers, we make the Prawn Pate all the time & it is definitely the best dip ever tasted xx
    1. Bree said on May 15, 2014 Reply
      Love you Sis. Hopefully everyone loves it as much as we do xx
  3. Serrelle Salangsang said on May 15, 2014 Reply
    So exciting Bree, and so much fun to read too. So proud of you, and know you are an amazing cook, can't wait to try your recipes!!!! s
  4. Rhianna May said on May 15, 2014 Reply
    What a fabulous blog Bree!! A fab cook and writer ! Looking forward to what's up next... :) xx
  5. Kaysee said on May 17, 2014 Reply
    AWESOME! Ps these said 'Play dates' are what keep me sane- can't wait for our 1st one at your new home!!! Xx BIG CONGRATULATIONS GORGEOUS!! You did good! Haha :) I'm looking forward to trying all of those yummy recipe's

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