Mezcal and merry times at Maiz & Mezcal…

Dear friends, I apologise in advance, because my night photography is still well below average (Note to Self: Take a photography course…STAT). 



I don’t think I need to remind you all, just how much I love Mexican food.
Yes, it’s already well documented.
I have a personal food lovin’ ladder and it goes something like this…

1. Italian
2. Mexican
3. Asian
4. Everything else…

Alright, I know it’s not my absolute numero uno, but that’s purely for the fact, that my taste buds feel Italian. I was certainly born somewhere on the Italian Riviera in my last life… and my culinary heart will always belong to Italy…
But, Mexican is a close second. A very close second.

Corn Mexican Baskets_Fotor

I die for Mexican food.
I adore the use and respect of my beloved Chilli. I love the complexity of spices. The Mexican obsession with Corn, Beans and Meat.
Avocado, Tomatillo, Coriander… and don’t even get me started on a good Margarita.
I love the regionality of Mexican food as well. The food in the North is very different from the food in the South.
But mostly, I love the way Mexican food brings us all together.
It’s communal.
When I make Mexican for my loved ones, there are no singular plates of food.
There is a table of food, served family style.
Dig in and eat till you drop and pop, style.

My sister Dyani and I, recently catered our mums 60th party and our immediate collective thought when planning the menu was…
Arriba Señors and Señoritas, it’s a Me-hi-co fiesta!
And, not just because Mexican is a seriously festive cuisine, but also because Dyani and a few other guests suffer from wheat allergies, so we were able to make the entire meal Gluten Free.
What is not to love?

When I was recently asked to attend a dinner at Maiz and Mezcal to try out their new Revolution Menu, there was no need to consider the invite. I was already, hungrily there.
I’d wanted to try this restaurant for quite some time due to personal recommendations and my eternal affinity with Mexican food.
And, lured by the promise of traditional, regional cuisine and authentic street food, I awaited the event with drooling anticipation.

Deep fried Avocado Fingers_Fotor

Upon arrival, myself and the other guests were greeted with a cool glass of Sangria.
Tick, and Tick.
I love Sangria. It’s so refreshing on a hot summer’s day, and there’s something eternally summer-like about Mexican food.
This was a delightful, fruity drop.
Sweet as you know a Sangria to be, but not sickly. Unfortunately, as I was driving this evening, necessity demanded that I not have another, although I did sneak in a couple of beers later on…

We all then found our seats and the meal commenced with a trio of table share plates.
First to come out were the corn Mexican baskets.
Three hand made and deep fried (droooool) tortilla baskets filled with guacamole, creamy chipotle mushrooms and re-fried beans topped with cheese.
All three were delicious, and I have to admit, I wanted to run away with the almost empty baskets and selfishly devour them myself, but civility (and knowing it was only the first dish) stopped me.

Next up, we were served a dish that looks slightly, unsightly but tastes like an absolute dream…. Deep fried Avocado fingers.
I saw this on the menu, and my interest was instantly piqued.
Deep fried? Like.
Avocado? Like.
Served with fresh Coriander and Lime Mayo? Double like.
When it arrived at the table and I took my first delicious bite I felt joy, sheer joy.
The smooth Avocado, encased in a spiced, corn crumb, topped off with the tangy, creamy sauce? Infinity like.


Lastly for our entree, we were served the Cochinita Pibil (Pulled Pork) and Pork Belly Sliders served with hand cut wedges.
Oh yes, I LOVE a good burger.
I chose the Pork belly slider, and it was delicious. I’m a sucker for anything Pig, and belly is always my achilles heel.
The meat was juicy and tender, falling apart in my mouth, served on a soft bread roll with Chipotle mayo.
Totally delicious.
My only (minor) negative, was the crackling could’ve been a little bit crispier, but I still devoured the entire burger in record speed… and Hell, I’ll take hog fat any which way you want to serve it.
I hesitantly decided to forgo the Pulled Pork. Why? You ask…
Two reasons.
Firstly, I plan to go back to Maiz and Mezcal with my husband and I want to experience some of the menu with him for the first time… He loves pulled Pork.
Secondly, I’m no competitive eater, and if I devour everything in sight (even though I’d like to…) then I quite simply, won’t make it to dessert.

Chicken Mole_Fotor

So now, already starting to feel full but needing to soldier on, it was time to choose our mains.
I was sitting next to my mate, another food blogger Dougal, and we decided that the best course of action was to pick a different main each and share them both.
I can’t tell you how happy I ended up being about this arrangement, since I liked his choice better than my own…

I chose the Mole.
The Chicken maryland, was falling off the bone tender. The Mexican rice it was served with was tasty and fresh, and the corn tortillas were an absolute delight.
I make corn tortillas myself and mine are never as soft as these… I need to know the secret… is it Lard??
Finally, when I poured over some hot green chilli sauce on my little Mole Taco, it was a delicious morsel indeed.
Overall, the Mole itself was enjoyable. It was sweet, with not much heat, so I personally needed that extra hit of chilli.
However, once I tasted my half of the Sandal steak… This evenings victor, was abundantly clear.

Sandal steak

Imagine, if you will…
Soft Hand made masa dough, flattened and topped with Haloumi, Avocado cream and Crispy Pork crackling crumbs. Crowning this trifecta of deliciousness, was char grilled steak strips, a whole grilled green chilli and grilled onion.
Sweet Hispanic Jesus!
It was also accompanied by a tasty little tortilla basket with re-fried beans as well as a delicious shot glass of traditional corn soup on the side.
But dear friends, all I cared to care about, was the Sandal steak flatbread fantasy.
I’m going back to Maiz and Mezcal for this dish. I need to have it in my life again.

I was now as full as a Mexican wrestler, and busily gas bagging with my fellow guests… so when the two desserts arrived, I didn’t even notice.
Luckily for me, I was dining with considerate companions and they saved some for me… Yes, it was very lucky indeed…
Flan of coconut with Cajeta (Goats Milk Caramel) and a dusting of Chocolate powder, and Vanilla ice cream topped with Mezcal Tamarind syrup in a crispy sweet tortilla basket.
The ice cream Sombero was delicious. Reading it on the menu, it had all the makings of a sweet delight… And yes, it was a sweet delight…
But, the Cajeta at the bottom of the coconut flan was so surprising, it truly knocked me off my feet.
The tang of the goats milk made something, that by all accounts could be sickly sweet, quite mesmerizing.
I’m a savoury tooth, so it was right up my dessert alley. I’d certainly order it again… In fact, I already know I will.


So now, our evening was drawing to a close, and I was sublimely happy and filled with gratitude.
But, there was one more awesome surprise in store for me…
Thanks to my Instagram followers for liking my post (OK, I may have cheated a little by ASKING everyone to like my post…), I was now also in possession of a limited edition bottle of the finest Mexican Mezcal.
Cory and I will enjoy a few shots with a slice of orange and a sprinkle of Chilli… Yes, this combination tastes as good as you think it does.

I’m now readying myself for a hasty return to Maiz and Mezcal, amid glorious memories of Sandal steak and Cajeta…
Until Friday xxx

Mexcal 2


Address: 405 Magill Road, SA 5068
Bookings: 0449 946 002
Take Away:8361 3983

Opening Hours
Monday: Closed
Lunch: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12pm till 3pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday 5.30 till late



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