You’re Golden

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. I just looked at the date, and it’s been almost 2 months.
It’s also been a while since I wrote about myself, and truthfully as self-indulgent as it sounds, that’s why this blog was started after all… An unedited version of me and my life.
A collection of the things and people I love.
Family, Friends and of course, my saviour Food.

7 weeks is the longest I’ve EVER gone between posts, and I don’t know why but it makes me feel kinda sad.
Now, please know this wasn’t because I’ve lost interest… Or God forbid, given up on writing.
I’ve just been busy, really bloody busy. And, I might have the same amount of hours as Beyoncé, but I’m not a multi-squillionaire with a team of nannies and assistants, so that stupid saying can kiss my ass.

So where have I been dear friends…?
I’ve been catering.
I’ve been writing recipes, teaching classes, doing demos, guest blogging, volunteering, freelancing…
And, I’ve also been focusing on my on my ketchups and stocks, or as I like to call them, my Eatables.

It’s actually amazing how many people don’t realize that I make them myself, and bottle them myself, and individually label every single precious one by hand, myself.
No, they are not made in a factory, they are made by me in my kitchen.
A total labour of love.
No, they are not someone elses recipes with my name on them. They are my recipes.

I have a Dream!

No seriously, I do have a dream. I dream that anyone who wants my eatables, shall have them. I dream that Eatables…According to Bree will be on tables everywhere and tongues nationwide. Yes, I have a really big dream…

So, I know I’ve been neglecting you dear blog.
I feel that I’ve been missing the woo of my own words, the therapy of my own written thoughts, the editing of my own articles.
So, I now know, I can’t leave you this long again. I love you, and I feel a bit lost without you.
And, it’s true, time just makes me love and need you more.
I see all you’ve done for me, and I realize, you will always be there for me no matter what… Even if you hardly see me and I neglect you terribly, but I still always love you… Always.

Do you see!!?
Blogging is therapy, and this whole time, I’ve been subliminally writing this post in Da Vinci Code, because really what’s troubling me is this…

My Sister had my gorgeous nephew weeks ago, and I still haven’t seen him in the flesh.
My other girlfriends only remember what I look like from Instagram. This is all very sad, and true, and I clearly need to make a change. Clearly, I still have much to learn about balance and being a best friend.

So dear Blog, and oldest and dearest, irreplaceable sistas… I just want you to know.
Dyani, I look at my screensaver picture of Van every time I sit at the computer. I literally CANNOT wait to hold him for the very first time. I WILL cry.
Cerrita, I love you.
Shannon, I love you.
Megsy, I love you.
Stace, I love you.
Demsy, I freakin’ love you.
Sandy, Marisa-Jane, Jo, I love you.
Mum, I couldn’t live without you.
And, since I only sing well when I’m drunk or in the car alone with the music drowning out my hideous alto… I’ll save your ears and get Bea and Rose to serenade you for me…


I promise, I’ll make you all my Prawn Pâté this summer like the old ‘wine club’ days… And, I am dedicating the recipe to you all now.

I adore you amazing ladies. Thanks for being there for forever, always putting up with me, listening to me, loving ALL the craziest parts of me, having my back, and for being a bunch of amazeballs Golden Girls XXX


Recipe: Prawn Pâté

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