When the cat’s away…


My husband is serious food lover.
He’s up for pretty much everything and he really loves to eat, which bodes my creative juices well most of the time…
There are however, a few players on the culinary circuit that he just can’t stomach.
The unfortunate thing for me is, that the ingredients he detests, are some of the flavours that I enjoy the most.

Take for example, Lemongrass.
See, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around Cory not liking lemongrass.
It tastes like lemon.
He likes lemon.
But, he hates lemongrass…?
Something’s not right with this picture.
And, on top of his heinous herbal hatred, he also can’t stand Coconut.
Oh yes, he’ll eat my food with hidden coconut… But, the second he can taste it… He’s farkin outta there!

Note to everyone: He likes Cherry Ripe’s… But, he also hates Cherries… Help meeee!!!

And, alas, I do adore these tropical treasures.
I cherish anything Coco-nutty and Lemon-grassy.
Salad, Sorbet, Toiletries, Teas… Curry.

I love Thai curries.
I love making them, I love eating them and (scarily) I love reheating them… Yes, they always seem better the next day…
But, he can’t stand them.
It’s the bane of my absolute cooking existence.
I would be happy to create a different Thai curry every week, but Cory’s lemongrass and coconut cream cockblocking, prevents me.

I implore you, what’s a girl to do…?
She waits.
Until Cory goes away on a boys trip, or for work, and I cook a goddamn glorious, super hot Thai curry.
I then invite around some like minded, lemongrass lovin’ individuals, and together we relish in the fiery spoils of my forbidden fruits.
And, I also make Cory take me out for Thai food on my birthday. He’s a good man, he’ll always give me that.

Anyhoo, this weekend gone, while Cory was kicking up his manly heels at the Moto GP, I was at home kicking up my kitchen clogs and making myself a curry.
My beloved Red curry.
And dear friends, I savored every single, prohibited bite.
So, in honour of my taboo Thai treat and because I really love to share, I will gift you with my recipe.
I need you to enjoy this ridiculously delicious dish, because sadly, my husband never will.

Seeya next week xxx


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  1. Ruth Mikkelsen said on October 21, 2014 Reply
    Hi Bree This curry has my name written on it! Love food like this, though don't think I'll have quite so many chillies in mine. Question...do you buy your fish stock, if so whose brand. On second thoughts you'd probably make your own? Thanks for sharing with us Cheers Ruth
    1. Bree said on October 22, 2014 Reply
      Hey Ruth, I do like to make fish stock and freeze it in cup measures in ziplock bags (recipe below), but I also buy the Campbell's Real Stock if I'm out of homemade, store bought is perfectly fine for this. Alternatively, if you have homemade vegetable or chicken stock handy, you can use my recipe tip with the Prawn heads and shells for a super quick and easy Prawn stock (I quite often do this for shellfish dishes anyway as I find it intensifies the flavour immensely). I hope you love this curry as much I do! :) *** Super easy Fish stock - Add the non-oily fish bones and heads (with the gills removed) and prawn shells (if you have them) with finely chopped aromatic veg (fennel, leek, carrot, celery, parsley stalks, peppercorns, bay leaves) to a pot, top with water so it's only just covered and very slowly simmer for 1 hour. Make sure you skim any impurities from the stock as it cooks. Leave it to cool and strain well through a very fine sieve.

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