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I love art. I love looking at it. Admiring it.
I appreciate art. I can absolutely appreciate the talent and skill involved in painting a portrait or sculpting an object.
I have a gravitation towards colourful pop art, and I would imagine it’s because I enjoy art simply for its vibrant aesthetics rather than attempting to understand its abstract meaning. But then, I know absolutely nothing technical about art. I know little of styles and eras. Do not ask me to have a civilized conversation about it.
It’s really just a matter of taste.
I know what I like.
I know what I don’t like.

Winemaking is also a true art form. Turning humble grapes into unforgettable wines is a genius craft.
This said, I will confess that I know absolutely nothing technical about winemaking either.
Fundamentally my relationship with art, is exactly like my relationship with wine. Appreciative, straightforward and loving, yet somewhat mystifying.
Although, isn’t this the point of it all?
Both are gratifying pleasures, open to personal preference and interpretation.

ArtWine 7

The first time I visited Artwine in the Adelaide Hills I was immediately struck by two things, the interesting and lively collection of art adorning the walls and vineyard grounds, and their intoxicatingly delicious wines.
A compilation of all things the passionate vintners Judy and Glen Kelly love, brought together for our indulgence.
Catching your first glimpse of their signature coloured pencils, and then the jovial metal mistress ushering you into the cellar door with a wide mouth and a full goblet, to embarking on your first sip of their wine flight. Artwine is a memorable, sensory journey of colour and fun.

ArtWine 6
However, even with the art and revered wines in every direction, Artwine is completely unpretentious.
You are not left feeling inadequate for your lack of virtuoso, you’re left feeling happy and grateful for the abundance of beauty filling your glass and gaze.
From the rolling manicured lawns with panoramic views of the astonishingly beautiful hills countryside.
To those gigantic, well placed Pencils, which somehow make you feel just like a big kid.

ArtWine 4

And, they want you to be a big kid here. Artwine is all about amusement.
With Bocce sets and picnic rugs and Coco their gentle and sprightly ginger wine dog, Artwine is the kind of place where you come to relax and play. The only pre-requisite, a sense of fun is mandatory.

So, when Judy and Glen and their cellar door manager, Alex Camatta invited me to collaborate with Artwine and Sheree Sullivan, the impeccable cheesemaker from Udder Delights, to cater for a Tasting Australia event, there was no question, I was absolutely in.

ArtWine Seafood Paella
They envisaged a 4 course ‘Hills to the Valley’ intimate long table lunch. A locavore journey of our producers and a celebration of what our amazing state has to offer.
Treating our guests to a Mediterranean feasting menu cooked by me, that I have specially designed to encapsulate Artwine’s incredible European wine varietals and showcase our extraordinary local produce.

Without giving too much away because mystery is also part of the fun, you can expect my spectacular local Seafood Paella with Vine Smoked Tomatoes, King Prawns, Goolwa Cockles and confit Calamari, Savannah Farm award winning Lamb and Chicken, and an abundance of Udder Delights’ acclaimed cheeses. An entirely gluten free menu, with all dishes matched perfectly to Artwine’s award winning wines.

The fire will be lit, and so will your senses. It will be an afternoon to savour. An intimate long table gathering of colour and delight in equally colourful and delightful surrounds. Held in the cellar door on Saturday the 7th of May.

Tickets are $130.00 and are very limited, so if you’d like to join us for this memorable and utterly delectable event please go to

We are excited to host you and give you a lavish lunch to remember. From Judy, Glen, Alex, Sheree, Coco and I, we look forward to dining with you…

For more information about Artwine and their glorious cellar door and wines, please go to the following link;

For more information about Udder Delights and their delectable handcrafted, award winning cheese, please go to the following link;

For more information about our ‘Hills to the Valley’ long lunch and to purchase tickets, please go to the following link;

For more information about the event and to connect with us on Facebook, please go to the following link;

For more information about Tasting Australia, South Australia’s most coveted and delicious food festival, please go to the following link;

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