F.F… Bologna… That is all.



This Friday Feast, is not so much a feast for the taste buds as it is for the eye balls.
Being the ridiculously and almost shamefully, lucky biatch I am, I was yet again blessed by my Italian Fairy Godmothers and sent for an evening to Bologna on my journey back home to OZ.

Having never been to Bologna, I had no idea what to expect.
Hipsters? Street Rats? Burger King?
What I discovered was a treasure trove of food, wine, cured meats, fresh produce and street food you’d sell out your own mother for, and possibly without regret.

There are two food streets in Bologna you have to remember, VIA PESCHERIE VECCHIE and VIA CAPRARIE
And, there are definitely two eateries you need to vist, TAMBURINI and PIZZA QUADRILATERO.

Wandering around aimlessly I stumbled upon Pizza Quadrilatero.
After perusing their delightful offerings, I miraculously decided on their Tomato and Mozzarella Foccacia for 2.50 Euros.
I have never had such an unexpected mouthgasm in all my life.
You don’t need no fluffer here starlets, this little slice of heaven is foreplay, the main event and post coital durry munching in EVERY. SINGLE. BITE.
But, I wasn’t finished, I was out for multiples… and I got what I desired, when Bree met Tamburini.
Caprese Salad. Ahhhhhhhhhh (Heavenly cry)
Buffallo Mozzarella, Ripe Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a flourish of Rocket and a dusting of salt and pepper. All deliciously washed down with a glass of ice cold Italian White.
Well friends, what can I say? I’m no quitter, but I’m ready for the nunnery… Because, I’ll never top that bang.
My dinner however, was a very noble attempt.

I was spending the night in an outer suburb a fair hike from town, and I hesitantly decided to dine at the Amadeus Hotel restaurant where I was bunking down for the eve.
Really… can Italy do no wrong?
No, no it can’t.
Tortellini in Beef Brodo, just like Nonna used to make.
Beef Carpaccio with a bitter salad and Balsamic & Olive Oil on the side… Ahhhhhhhhhh (yes, yes another Heavenly cry)
Ti-Ram-Is-UUUUUUU!! Worth every calorie. EVERY calorie.

So, anyway, I have decided, that rather than regale you with yet another post telling you how freakin’ AWESOME Italy is… I will instead just show you how AWESOME Italy is (Detractors may call me lazy… hmmm yes, yes they may be right…)
In any case, Enjoy!

Oh and if after seeing this post, you don’t want to high tail it straight to this waist expanding Bolognese paradise, then I can’t help you… Actually, no one can.
Until Monday xxx

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