Yellow Fever ain’t always a bad thing…

The other day Mrs.Moo asked me, out of the blue, what my favourite fruit was.
I straight away replied Cherries, and then I thought about it more and said, no wait… I think maybe Pink Lady Apples. Then I decided that actually, it was probably Rhubarb (Yes, yes, I know that’s technically a vegetable).
But really, If I’m truthfully honest. It’s actually Banana.
Boring. Old. Banana.
Why, you ask…?
When we are graced with Passionfruit, and Lime, and Pineapple and all manner of wild and wonderful fruits in this crazy ol’ World we live in…
Well, let me explain.

I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but there’s just something about banana. It’s versatile, it’s savoury and sweet. It’s the little yellow engine that could, in a fruity world of fantastical and fancy.
I love Banana Smoothies.
I love Banana on Toast.
I love a good Banana muffin, a nice bread, a naughty cake, an unctuous ice cream… If it’s made out of banana, we’re likely gonna get along just fine.

It’s usually the first fruit a human ever eats, and realistically, it’s probably the last one too… Dentures, senility and all that.
Mix a cup of mashed banana with a 1/4 cup of ANY cream you like, freeze it in ice block moulds and you have the easiest ice cream known to mankind.
Actually, wrap a peeled banana in alfoil, then freeze it, and THAT’S the easiest ice cream known to man.

It’s a whole fruit salad in one piece of fruit – Remember those ads…?
It’s dive bombing at Mataranka in the sunshine, kinda fruit – Remember those ads too…? Yeahhhh, they were cool…

I love Lady Finger’s. I love Plantains. I love those itty-bitty baby ones you feed to monkeys.
I’m also quite partial to our furry forest relos as well… DO NOT get me started on the awesomeness that is Orangutans and Gorillas…
And, since my family all live in QLD now, I’m by default a banana bender too.

It’s an egg free cake binder, it’s a 5* Asian breakfast buffet hotcake filler, it’s a sorbet substitute, it’s a hot curry coolant. It’s a hungry kid, shutter-upper.

Bananas are just, all kinds of wonderful.

Anyhoo, in honour of my favourite, everyday (and often, undervalued – unless there’s a tropical cyclone and they cost $10.00 a kilo… Then everyone’s on the OOOH EEEE we just can’t liveee without bananas train) fruit bowl hero, I’m sharing with you two of my very best.
My heavenly, I can’t believe it’s not bad for me Banana Bread or my so good because it’s so evil Louisiana Banana Cake.

So finally, the question I have for you dear friends is this… Do you bend to the left or to the right?
To the under ripe or the overripe?
Are you a saint… or a serious sinner?

Until next week xxx


Recipe: Bree’s Banana Bread

Recipe: Louisiana Banana Cake

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