Two, becomes One…


I’ve never lied about the fact that I’m slightly OCD.
When I decide to undertake something, I am the type of person who gets tunnel vision and throws myself completely and utterly into it… Food… Cleaning… Competitions… my Blog.
And, my obsessive personality, isn’t always a bad thing… I am a reigning champ of MKR… Right?

Problem is, I am only one person and I have two kids, a husband, a house, a business, friends, an exercise routine, a life… And, I’m no Beyoncé Super woman.  Not enough hours in my day, and all that…
So, I have made a decision.

I will only blog once a week.

I know… WTF!?
I always knew this day would come, and realistically in light of the aforementioned factual points, why would I even start blogging twice a week in the first place, you ask…?

Because, I’m obsessive.

But, I need to scale back my blogging schedule and find some balanced, inner Chi.
My life is always super busy (which is how I really like it…), but, truthfully, I’d rather spend my Sunday’s hanging with my sexy husband or chillin’ with my cool kitten kids, than sitting holed up in our office fanatically editing a blog post for Monday (which is unfortunately, what happens… a lot).
Yes, tunnel vision is usually a bad thing…

Look, don’t get me wrong, I could never stop developing recipes and telling tasty tales. It’s in my blood.
And, good God, I absolutely love writing my blog.
I’ll never give it up, because I see it evolving, as I evolve, hopefully into something seriously great.
I’m learning every, single day and it keeps me inspired and in the kitchen doing what I’m best at.
I also meet so many amazing people and experience so many remarkable things, because of my blog.
And, I know there are now lots of peeps out there, who love reading it, as much as I love writing it.
I’m a very lucky gal.
But, dear friends, somethings gotta give.

So, in honour of my new found clarity and steadfast decision to properly balance my life and NOT be quite so obsessive about which day I post, as long as I do post… (Oh my Gawd, just saying it gives the OCD in me cold sweats) I have created the following recipe.
This delicious soup, was born from simple ingredients and minimal fuss, and it’s truly a celebration of something else that I love… Spinach (Thanks for letting me raid the Silverbeet, Jane xxx)

Seeya next week… on Wednesday… or Friday… Gulp (Shudder…) xxx


Note to everyone: Because I have gone totally against my personality type and decided be footloose and blog fancy free, you’ll have to subscribe or follow my social media for post alerts… otherwise you might just miss out xxx


Recipe: Spiced Spinach and Broccoli soup

Categories: Dinner Lunch Recipes

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