F.F… Gluten Free (and almost Guilt Free) Coconut, Mandarin and Ricotta Cake


So here’s my problem…
I’ve done nothing but overeat for the last 4 weeks and I see no end in sight. Why? You ask…
Because friends, It’s Spring. And soon, it will be Summer.
Besides the fact, I have recently been overseas eating up a storm, this is also the time of year when I come out of my super boring it’s Winter, I’m cold, I’m watching movies all weekend and eating soup instead hiatus, and my lunches and dinners (and wine clubs) begin to recommence.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my family and I eat healthy all year round.
You will rarely see me on the couch ravenously demolishing a bag of Toobs (Although, if they weren’t so disgustingly bad, I would every day… Man, I LOVE Toobs…), however, when I entertain, I live by the motto I’d rather serve too much, than too little. This mindset certainly creates happy guests, but we all eat too much… it’s a vicious cycle.

I’m pretty good to my body though, I always try to eat a balanced diet, although I never calorie count (Farrrrkkkk That!).
I enjoy healthy food. Whole grains, seeds and alternative options for sugar, fats and flours.
But, I also adore Lard, Salt, Cheese, Cream, Butter… shit I’m a freakin’ heathen!

Anyhoo, today my dear friend Shanny and I, caught up for arvo tea (this may or may not involve drinking Hills Apple Cider…ahem, I mean tea).
And, I’m feeling rather gross at the moment, because, as previously mentioned… It’s Spring (I’m now out of hibernation) and I have entertained friends already twice this week, and have them tonight and tomorrow night as well… yes, I make up for lost Winter time like a Demon.
Couple this ample entertaining with the wood fired Pizza oven and hot smoker Cory just installed (therefore inciting the absolute necessity to eat pizza and smoked meat every, single day), and I’m craving a salad detox STAT.

Look, even with all this in mind, I can’t deny my friend an appropriate afternoon offering.
I needed to bake a cake.
But, I didn’t want to bake a bad cake. And, by bad I’m talking, Toobs bad.
I wanted to bake a good cake.
One that we can wash down with wine… dammit, I mean herbal tea… and not feel the immediate urge to run it off.

So, here it is.
My Gluten Free and ALMOST guilt free Coconut, Mandarin and Ricotta Cake.
OK, I won’t lie, you’re probably still gonna want to sprint till you sweat, but whatevs’, it’s deliciously worth it.

Until Monday xxx


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