I scream, you scream, we all scream for Gelista Jars!

Summer is officially here, and boy oh boy, do I love summer!
I’m a summer baby through and through.
I love hot balmy nights with a cold beer on the deck. I love kids under sprinklers, I love BBQ’s with friends. I LOVE salads, Margarita’s and Tex-Mex fiestas. And dear friends, how I love, how I adore, how I worship Gelato.
Yes, yes, you all know about my love affair with gelato, it’s well documented.
And, in case you’re wondering (as most people do…) ‘Gelati’ is plural and historically our preferred South Aussie moniker, for everyone’s number one Italian ice confection.

Now, something else that’s got me all up in a summer sweat (besides the sweltering 40°c days we’ve had lately) is the new and improved Gelista Gelati take home offerings.
Yes, my favourite South Aussie gelati has had a mini-makeover, and good God, it’s good.
Imagine my happiness on Friday evening, when my main man Cory, returned home from working on the Gelista families roof (insert: shameless mini advert for our roofing business HERE) with a smirk and a sly swagger…

“Heyyyy Breeee, I saw Peter Cox today and he wanted me to give you something… Ya want it? What’s it worth to you?”

Note to everyone: In natural long term relationship form, presented treats are often accompanied by an expected bribe that I generally offer, but rarely fulfill.

Hmmmm, what’s it worth to me? I’ll give you an hour long massage, wash your back and bake you a giant mud cake to go with all the gelato… Sometime in 2016.


Yes our friends in the freezer, Gelista, have upped the ante.
They’ve not only changed their consumer packaging, to the quite impressive ‘Gelista Jar’, which looks so très chic, it makes me want to unscrew that lid and dive right in with a gold plated spoon.
They’ve also changed the size… 570mls instead of 425ml *Insert: howling tears of joy*
But something else so unbelievably awesome, that I’ve just gotta shout it from the roof tops with a megaphone…

Calm down Bree!
I knowww, before I give myself a coronary, right?!
But it’s hard to calm down when you are presented with such seriously scrumptious sweetness, and on top of it you know that the family run, artisan factory producing it, fills every single small-batch tub by hand. LEGENDS!

Okay, repeat after me…
Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate
Lightly Salted Caramel & Macadamia
Ricotta, Fig & Honey
Dairy free Coconut

And, of course, Gelista’s incredible Classic Chocolate and their just as incredible, Vanilla Bean.

I met the Cox’s last year when I was a guest at their Ridleyton factory (you can read all about it HERE), and since then I have come to know them, and I’m not just being biased because these guys are awesome, numerous award winning, South Australian legends… It’s just so freakin’ good.
To eat a tub of gelato from the supermarket freezer that tastes as good as a gelataria, you know you’re on a winner.


So, what do these new flavour bombs taste like? You ask…
Well, we all already adore Gelista’s Vanilla Bean and Chocolate. They are true classic deliciousness.
But that blood orange… Tangy and creamy all at the same time, with luxurious flecks of real dark chocolate speckled generously throughout it. Well, as you can see from the above picture, it was already half eaten by the time I took the photo. Its absolute amazingness, will invoke uncontrollable piggery!
And, that ricotta fig… Smooth ricotta gelato with a heavenly backdrop of honey and swirling ripples of sweetly tart fig.
And, that salted caramel… with crunchy macadamias and a not too sweet, perfectly salted gelato.
And, THAT Coconut. It’s like a luau on my tongue. Why go to Hawaii, when you can go to Gelista?

Yes, I’m truly savouring them.
I will cherish them and make the experiences last, and last…
OK, I’m full of it.
I will devour them, inhale them, and then when I see them in the freezer section of somewhere awesome, I will buy more, and then henceforth repeat the gluttony.

Peter and Kathy, my waistline does not thank you, but the rest of me does. The Gelista jars and their incredible icy contents are a win. A taste bud tantalizing triumph… In the ice cream Olympics, you’ve brought home the gold.
Cory will now expect Gelista jars every time he opens the freezer, and for that matter, I wouldn’t imagine my freezer without one.
Ahem, now whereeee can I get my hands on some of those Dark Chocolate, hand moulded ‘Gelista Sticks’…? Hint, Hint… 😉


Gelista tub 1_smaller


For more information about this delicioso, locally owned artisan product, please go to the following link; http://gelista.com.au/ and for stockists go to the following link; http://gelista.com.au/stockists/
AND you can also check out another blog post I wrote about these local legends HERE



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