There’s nothing wrong with being cheeky…


As you may already know, Cory and I were married in Bali.
And, after having already spent 6 years with me, my husband was well aware that in order to facilitate a happy union… he was best to just step aside and let me plan the entire event.
But, before you get all Poor Cory… on me, if you know my husband you would also know, this arrangement suited us both just fine.

Cory did however, have two matrimonial requests.
A swim-up pool bar at our chosen resort and a whole Suckling Pig at the Wedding reception.

I have to admit, when I first considered the pig as part of our Balinese dinner, as traditional as she was, she wasn’t really part of my plan.
Sitting at the wedding table in all my finery with a dead hog looking at me wasn’t exactly romantic, however after some thought (and gentle coaxing from my sister Dyani… something along the lines of “Just give him the damn pig, you bitch!”) I agreed, and the poor little porker was destined for our dinner table gallows.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do LOVE pigs.
Pork, Bacon, Pancetta, Prociutto, Sausage…
There is nothing about this gentle, smart and gorgeous (hmmmmm… Probably not 3 words you’d string together for something you plan to eat… ) animal that I don’t love.
Having said this, you’d be right for thinking that I probably shouldn’t eat them then if I feel that way, but alas… they are just so damn tasty!

Anyhoo, we were getting a piggy and it was going to be good.
If you’ve ever eaten Babi Guling, you would realize, our guests were in for a treat.

So, the big day came and the reception was in full swing.
Time to eat.
The roasted pig came out in all her glory, not so much a baby suckling but a small pre-teen big enough to feed all 50 of us.
She had the apple in her mouth that Cory requested… “I want to feel like a Viking” were his exact words when quizzed why the fruit filled snout was such a necessity.
She was paraded around the reception on her elaborate alter to loudly repeated Ohhh’s and Ahhh’s, as she so deserved.
She then took residence on the carving table where the Chef proceeded to dissect her for our eating pleasure.
And lastly, she was added to platters of traditional Balinese fare, so our guests could eat what they wanted without leaving their chosen seats.
I was super excited, she looked and tasted so damn delectable, I knew she didn’t die in vain…

This was made especially clear to me when Cory sent a request for her head. “We will eat her all!” he exclaimed.
We will not waste a morsel of this beast.
Look, I’m not squeamish, but this was my Wedding, and instead of gazing fondly into the eyes of my new husband, I was now sharing candlelight stares with a roasted pigs head.

I started dry retching just a little when her brain was removed by Cory and he gave it a sample…
His words… “Not so good, it’s been boiled in her head”
Retch, retch, retch…
Nevertheless, Cory, our good friend Nick, and Cory’s cousin, Bubby all devoured the entire head.
The entire head.

I asked for a post Pig Head review and this was Cory’s reply…
“Ears were good. Flavoursome but Chewy. I can see why dogs like them, they’re tasty and last for ages”
“Tongue was chewy and tasted exactly like the bad breath you would imagine a pig to have, Brain was foul, would’ve rather eaten its arse and the apple didn’t taste like Pork at all…”
“The cheeks… they were goooood

Now I can certainly attest, there is nothing finer in this world than a good cheek.
Pigs cheeks are one of those amaze ingredients that when prepared and cooked correctly, just can’t be beaten.
They are so damn cheap too, and always a show stopper… this also goes for our other farmyard friend, the Cow.
Beef cheeks are so freakin’ good, it’s actually my favourite bovine cut.
I can never go past them.

So, in honour of our gorgeous sacrificial wedding pig and her equally delicious furry friend the Cow, I’m sharing with you all my Beef Cheek Saag Gosht recipe.
Trust me now, if you are looking for an easy and delicious way to celebrate the humble cheek, then look no further than this tasty Indian curry.
However, when it comes to this recipe, all you Hindu Sisters and Misters may want to turn the other cheek… or make it with Lamb shoulder which is just as good.

Until Friday xxx


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  1. M said on August 25, 2014 Reply
    Made this recipe on Saturday night using Lamb shoulder and OH MY GOODNESS it was exquisite! Highly recommend to those that love a lot of herbs and spices in their meals and not to mention, ridiculously tender meat!
    1. Bree said on August 25, 2014 Reply
      Hey Marianne, I'm so glad you loved it! That's the best review I could ask for and the reason I post my recipes xx

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