There’s no sour in this Kraut…

Maybe it’s because I’m a quarter German, or maybe it’s just my vinegar loving savoury tooth… But I’ve always been a devotee of German flavours.
Caraway seeds? Seeded Mustard? Curry Ketchup? Yes Please. Pumpernickel, Black Forest Ham, Dark Rye, Creamy Mash and Potato Hash.
I’m a Hock munching, Würste crunching, Cabbage lover from way back.

Now, since I’m part German.
And, since I love German food.
And, since I also adore the Adelaide Hills… Naturally I’m a serious fan of Hahndorf.
For all the uninitiated, Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement and was founded in 1839.
So when The Haus came up on my ‘LOTLL’ to-do list, I was ‘Berlin wall coming down’ excited.

Look, I’m going to be totally frank here, and tell you all (in light of the aforementioned points and the fact that I fantasized about Brätwurst the whole way there) that I couldn’t help but feel a stab of disappointment when I perused The Haus’s Land of the Long Lunch menu and there weren’t any German options on it for me to dig my lederhosen into.
I can’t help but wonder about the decision not to invite Germany to the haus-party (see what I did there…).
And, maybe I’m just breakdancing alone in the corner?
But, when I’m getting my hungry hip-hop on in Hahndorf, I reckon Germany should always be ‘IN THA HAUSSSS’ (Insert: Gansta arm/finger pumps)

Even more so, after hearing from the staff about how popular and drool-inducing their Crispy Roasted Pork Hock is, and pondering with greedy longing about their signature ‘Duo of Hauswurst’.
Maybe, it’s just a clever ploy to make me return… And it’s worked. Because yes, I will.
Need. Crispy. Hock. Now. Droooollll. Induced.
Anyhoo, since I prefer to roll through the woods with my stein half full.
Rather than dwell on the have nots, instead I choose to focus on the have gots.
So let me just go ahead, and tell you all a tale…

The Haus 1

Once upon a time, a few Deutsch moons ago, a part-German lady called Gretel was pregnant with her second Säugling.
It was during this pregnancy, that Gretel and her friends from work went on an Adelaide Hills wine tour.
Now before you call the authorities, please understand that Gretel decided, OK no, she could not partake in the “usual” wine tour festivities, however she could eat.
And she would eat, a lot.
Unfortunately, Gretel also suffered from a terrible affliction called ‘Pregnancy Brain’ (Yes, this is a true condition) and sadly no amount of ELEVIT could retain, nor will recover her lost cells.
Hence regrettably, all Gretel can recall about the tour, was her woe at being totally sober in a limo full of fun-lovin’ sistas, her lunch being delicious, and the overwhelming emotions of joy she felt when she ate her first ever Salted Caramel Chocolate – but, that’s a story for another time…
So, back to Gretel’s lunch… Relevance? You ask…
Well, her lunch that hot summer, pregnant day, was as fate would have it, at The Haus.
And, this lunch made an impression good enough to break through the gestation induced fog of cranium corrosion, to leave a happy memory of satisfaction and a desire to return.

Walking back in to The Haus last Thursday with her Säugling-daddy, Otto, Gretel was feeling nostalgic and excited.
After being warmly welcomed and ushered to their fireside seats in the large and open, but still cosy, central dining room, Otto and Gretel gazed at each other with a smile.
They were looking forward to this meal.
After ordering their obligatory schooners of German beer, they settled in for the night with hopeful promise of what was to come.

There is one word to describe the culinary offerings on The Haus’ Land of the Long Lunch menu… Comforting.
Butter filled, honest, homestyle, goodness. Just the thing for a cool Winter meal in the Hills.
The Haus’ specially designed ‘LOTLL’ Menu is a crowd pleasing, locally sourced and generous meeting of the EU – Even if Germany couldn’t make it this time around…

The Haus 2

From the earthy little starter of Roasted Adelaide Hills heirloom baby Beetroots with ‘Udder Delights’ Goat Chevre… And the confit Duck leg with Roast Shallot tart tartin with ‘Beerenberg’ Fig and Cinnamon Jam that Otto chose for entrée…
To his perfectly (And, I mean perfectly) cooked Richard Gunner Fillet Mignon with the most delectable buttery, salty potato mash (Much to Otto’s pleasure, they ain’t shy with the mash in this Haus) and rich caramelized onion jus for main.
Gretel chose the other entrée offering of Chorizo and Squid Braised with Tomato, and although the robust flavour of Spain was abundant, she could hear the French duck calling to her from across the border… Gretel… Je t’aime Gretel… Quack Quack…
She then chose the Pan seared Salmon for main.
With crispy skin and the delicious flavours of Dill Potato purée, chargrilled broccolini and free-range Béarnaise it was a truly lovely dish, plus the interesting inclusion of a toasted peanut and shallot crumble, gave it an extra tick in her book.
Dessert as usual, was a team effort. In their typical gluttinous fashion, Gretel and Otto chose all 3 and shared them like good kinder’s do.
Orange infused Savarin, Cointreau and Malibu syrup, Star Anise cream and Rum poached Mandarin… This one’s for the lovers.
Chocolate Marquise, Chilli and Peanut praline and Haus-made Honeycomb… Gretel’s pick.
And an ‘Udder Delights’ cheese board with ‘Beerenberg’ condiments.

So, whether you’re just stopping past for a hock and stein, or a coffee break and piece of cake, or a quick bite to eat from the extensive, seasonal café menu…
Or, perhaps escaping the grind to visit for Saturday night dinner and drinks at the Haus’s weekly live music sessions, followed by a leisurely breakfast, after staying at one of their 4 local accommodation options…
Or, maybe to simply just lose yourself for hours in the ‘Land of the Long Lunch’ forest as Gretel and Otto did…
This Haus has it all.

Until we dine again… xxx

Note to everyone: Gretel and Otto are fantastic aliases for Cory and I. We do not have Lederhosen or Dirndl… Yet.



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  1. ChristinaRose said on July 10, 2015 Reply
    Hi Bree, Loved you on My Kitchen Rules, now you crack me up with your very witty and amusing reviews of our wonderful restaurants in Adelaide, Well done with this one! Cheers ChristinaRose
    1. Bree May said on July 13, 2015 Reply
      Thanks so much ChristinaRose, I have a lot of fun writing them! :)

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