The Unicorn Vegetable

I’m gonna be completely upfront here and tell you that I just arrived home to what I can only describe as the most exquisite flower arrangement sitting on my doorstep.
A gift box full of Kalettes.

And in the interests of full disclosure, I will also be upfront and admit, that I had actually returned home with a shopping bag full of Bacon and Chocolate to make my good friend Dougal a birthday cake for tonight, but unfortunately my greedy green lovin’ eyes and even greedier green lovin’ gob had a mutiny over my sensitive, gifting side and screamed “NO BIATCH! FIRST YOU COOK THE KALETTES, AND THEN YOU COOK THE CAKE!”
How can you argue with that, I wonder…?
You can’t. You just can’t.
So cook the Kalettes, I did.
(Also, just to further add to the disclosure, I am hopeful that overdosing on Kalettes isn’t a health concern because I ate the entire batch.)

Kalettes to me are the Unicorn of the vegetable world.
A cross breed of two magical creatures to create something so otherworldly and stunning to look at, that it surely belongs in a fantastical land above the clouds, and if the Luck Dragon were real I am fairly certain he’d eat Kalettes.


They are healthy, they are delicious, and since my favourite colour is green and I’m also a super fan of purple stuff, well friends, they are as much a pleasure to look at as they are to consume.

Exclusively grown in the Adelaide Hills by the Samwell family of Eastbrook Vegetable Farms, Kalettes were developed for over 15 years by the British seed company, Tozer seeds.
Then in 2015, the Samwell’s decided that after a decade of same-same hum-drum veggie offerings, it was high time Australia saw something new on their dinner tables.
Enter, Kalettes.
Non-GMO and developed using traditional hybridisation techniques. They are the very epitome of a super-food. A SUPER-DELICIOUS FOOD!

Anyhoo, not only am I excited because eating Kalettes supports a local South Aussie, family run farm.
But, they are also so damn tasty.
And now, because of the following recipe I can eat ‘chips’ with unabashed abandon… A dream I’ve long held, since discovering cellulite in my teens.

And, if you think to yourself… “Nah bro, I’m not down with brussel sprouts.”
Think again!
Nutty, with just a slight bitterness. They are strong enough to hold their own against even the mightiest of flavour combos, yet delicate enough to eat raw like a green vegetable lolly.
I can’t wait to create some further fantastic-ness with them, but in the meantime, check out my delicious roasted Kalette snack recipe, and be prepared to not share them with anyone…
Sozzzz people, these are mine, mine all MINE! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Insert: greedy maniacal laugh*

Until next time… xxx


RECIPE: Roasted Chilli & Thyme Kalettes



For more information about Kalettes “The Unicorn Vegetable” please go to the following link;

For more information about the Samwell’s and Eastbrook Vegetable Farms, please go to the following link;

For my ridiculously delectable ‘Roasted Chilli & Thyme Kalettes’ recipe click HERE


Also FYI, Disclaimer: I was not paid in any way for this post other than a box full of fresh and crispy Kalettes delivered to my doorstep. I highly suggest when you cop a gander of these gorgeous creations at the greengrocer, you chuck them in your trolley and get them into your gluttonous gob STAT!


“The Unicorn Vegetable” is a term copywrited to me; Bree May from Food According to Bree. However, I am willing to relinquish all rights in exchange for more Kalettes.

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