Short and sweet, like a cup of Gelato…


There’s no denying it, I’m definitely a savoury tooth.
I’m the type of woman who will generally forgo dessert, because I’d rather fill up on entree and main. Yes, I’d rather have a cheese plate as an end to my dinner. I prefer salt over sugar.
This said, I’ve always got room for Gelato. ALWAYS.

I adore gelato, the way flowers love the sun. It’s flowers and sunshine in a cup. It’s happiness. It’s guiltless pleasure to me.
Ever since my Italian fling to the Gelato World Tour (read all about the deliciousness here), I love it even more.
But, I’m definitely no expert. I’m just a gal, who knows what she likes and knows what tastes good. And, considering I can honestly now say that I’ve eaten the World’s best, I’ve got a pretty solid base on which to compare the gelato that enters my life from here on in.

So last Friday afternoon, when the mercury in Adelaide was topping 31°, I was on another gelato fuelled expedition. This quest though, was much, much closer to home.
I was invited to a tour of Gelista Premium Gelati’s Adelaide factory.
Look, call me ignorant, but when I first received the invitation to visit the factory, it immediately conjured up images of gigantic machines and robot procession lines. Very little human contact with the product they sell, other than typing a few codes into a keypad panel.
What I didn’t foresee was the small husband and wife team, the handmade gelato and the personalized touch in every tub (yes, they actually hand fill every, single, 125ml and 425ml container that they produce for retail sale).

Gelista 2

Peter Cox, a fourth generation dairy farmer, and his lovely wife, started Gelista 5 years ago because, and I quote, “Peter loves Gelati”.
They originally took over a closed down pasta factory, until 2 years ago, when they made the giant leap into their self-sufficient and sustainable digs at Ridleyton.
The Cox’s are super proud of the business they’ve created and the gelato they sell, and so they should be. Here’s why;

1. They source a large majority of their ingredients from South Australia and Australia. Yes, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule, but ones only deemed necessary to uphold the quality of their end product.
2. At least 60% of their business is supplying boutique artisan gelato to some of South Australia’s top Hotels, Restaurants and Chefs.
3. They’ve won more awards than you could poke a stick at.
4. They’ve made their way onto supermarket shelves all over South Australia, including Coles. And, they have scooping stations as far away as Kuala Lumpur.
5. They employ 15 staff, and contribute to the University of SA and Adelaide UNI internship programs as part of their company community service program.
6. Their Gelato, is simply delicious.

Gelista 3

While on tour around their modest, small batch factory, we were offered a chance to sample a new flavour.
I was salivating as soon as I heard the words, Adelaide Hills Cherries.
Watching Peter measure the handmade gelato base (which is pasteurised on site) and mix in the chunky, homemade cherry syrup, I was drooling.
It was almost cruel that we had to wait 6 whole minutes for the machine to stop churning before we could devour the icy delights within.

6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1… I was counting those minutes down like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Finally, the churned gelato was set free. Billowing out of the machine like a nougat waterfall while Peter lovingly added swirls of extra cherries to the tub.
I ate 2 whole cups full.
I could’ve eaten more, but refrained. I’m not that much of a glutton…
Not many people will have the opportunity to eat fresh gelato straight from the machine like this, but I wish everyone on Earth could. It’s what I imagine Jesus would’ve eaten at his last supper, if they had electricity.

Gelista 4

Anyhoo, in honour of Gelista’s awesome gelato, which might I add, still tastes as delicious out of the supermarket freezer, I have created something else that I think Jesus would be down with.
My Cranberry and Pistachio Florentine Sandwich.
This is a festive little delight that would go down a treat on Christmas day (or any other day of the year… or every day of the year).
For whom wants hot pudding, when you can eat cool gelato?
And, who wants a single biscuit, when you can have a sandwich?

Until next week… xxx


Recipe: Cranberry and Pistachio Florentine sandwich


  1. Valentina said on December 2, 2014 Reply
    You are really an amazing Gelato Ambassador Bree!!! See you soon! We will organize the Singapore's stage of this challenge in the next months, also Australian gelato artisans will be invited to participate!!! I'll keep you updated!
  2. Valentina said on December 2, 2014 Reply
    Obviously I was speaking about the Gelato World Tour! ;-)
    1. Bree said on December 2, 2014 Reply
      I seriously can't wait Valentina! I look forward to eating Gelato with you all again, and many more adventures. I was literally, born to be a Gelato ambassador!! See you soon xxx

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