Run Bree, Run!


Some genius who no doubt belongs to Mensa, made the profound online revelation that I sound like Forrest Gump when I talk. Now, if only this Rocket Scientist would use their powers of observation for something worthwhile… could they cure World hunger?

OK, I can admit, it is true. I do actually sound like Forrest Gump. I’m really not sure how or why? Especially considering that he’s from the Deep South… well actually, come to think of it… so am I. South Australia.
I’m certainly not insinuating that ALL South Australian’s talk like Forrest Gump, I feel that it’s highly likely I’m in a very small minority (a minority that includes only me), however one thing I believe a lot of South Aussies can relate to is that we are often told by the other states that we have a very distinct accent and almost a language of our own. It’s Lay-go people, not Leggo.

Anyway, being teased about the way I talk is nothing new peeps and as hilarious as the comparison is, it got me to thinking… what else do Forrest and I have in common? That is, apart from our velvet coated voices. The results may astound you;

1. Forrest likes to run. I like to run.
2. Forrest has a mother who looks exactly like Sally Field. I really love the movie ‘Not without my Daughter’.
3. Forrest went to Vietnam and met a friend called Bubba. We went to Bali with my husband’s cousin Bubby.
4. Forrest invested in Apple. I too have invested in several iPods, iPhones and an iPad.

You can see friends, Forrest and I are almost kin, however it doesn’t stop there…

5. Forrest loves prawns and good God… I love prawns!

Even with all these remarkable similarities in mind, obviously I’m not a fictional War Hero, Millionaire, Shrimp boat Captain who got shot in the ass and inspired ‘Shit Happens’ and the Smiley Face logo and to be compared to a man who is, well, as my old mate Forrest would say… Stupid is as Stupid does.
Yes Forrest, Life is like a box of chocolates and unfortunately, some people have already polished off most of theirs and only have the crappy half eaten ones left.

Anyhoo, I will now set out to secure a position on talk-back radio at some stage in the hopes of upsetting all the people out there who can’t stand my voice. But, in the meantime, to said individuals this recipe is a gift for you as well as my philosophical musing for the day;

‘Life is like a Brownie, it’s sweet like chocolate and there are loads of nuts’.

Recipe:  Dark Chocolate and Macadamia Brownies

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  1. Sandy said on May 17, 2014 Reply
    Bree you are even more hilarious on paper than in the flesh... I would like to be your pen pal...x
  2. Beck said on July 21, 2014 Reply
    Ha! Hilarious! I love how you take people's supposed 'negative insults' and turn it around on them into something funny. Love your attitude Bree! Oh, and thanks for the DELICIOUS recipe. Yuuuuummm!! x

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