F.F… Raw Cauliflower Tabouli



You don’t make friends with saaa-lad… You don’t make friends with saaa-lad (Insert conga line dance moves)…

I OBJECT! You do I where I come from.
In fact, if you can put together a decent salad and bring it round to me for lunch, dinner, whenever… You’re my BEST friend.

Uhh-huhh, I freakin’ love salad.
I’m the type who makes Winter salads. Oh No, salads to me, aren’t just a Summery affair.
Did someone say Lamb, Carrot, Freekeh, Labneh…? Yes, this is one of my Autumnal salad recipes… Stay tuned peeps, stay tuned.

OK, but I must admit, I’m like most normal folk.
Salads are certainly more appealing in the warmer months. However, I think it’s just because, like all self-respecting Aussies, I’m also quite partial to eating BBQ too.
Mmmm a deliciously crisp and refreshing salad to go with those chargrilled Lamb Chops and other assorted, coal kissed treats… AHHHHHHHHHH (Heavenly cry)

Anyhoo, as the weather is heating up, and therefore so is our barbie, I’ll be in the kitchen whipping up a salad or two most evenings.
And, because I’m such a sharing kinda gal, I’ll post these salads for you, so you too can relish in the delights each night.
Starting with today’s delicious Festive Feast offering, my Cauliflower Tabouli.
Yes, it’s raw and yes, it’s sin free.

Look, just so we’re clear, I’m not a follower of Paleo, Zone, Blood Type…etc, etc…
Nope, I’m a classic Mummy, who’s tuck shop tomb is the old school eating Pyramid.
But, I am a devotee of deliciousness.
I don’t really care what category this recipe falls into (Although, categorically it’s Gluten Free, Grain Free and Vegan), it tastes bloody good.
And, when something tastes bloody good, it’s just an added bonus that it’s guilt free (Unless, you’re a lunatic who believes plants feel pain?) and you can eat it even if you are soldier of some hardcore, healthy food regime.
That’s right, dear dieting friends, no bread and butter boycotting for me. My personal dining doctrine is this…
‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’

Seeya next week xxx


Recipe: Raw Cauliflower Tabouli

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