Having a break through… Not a break down.

It’s been 6 weeks since my last post.
And I’m going to be completely honest when I say that sadly, my blog has become an afterthought of late. I’ve had no time for it.
Life, work, and everything in-between have come between.
I used to happily blog twice a week… What happened?

A few nights ago I went to an extreme networking event called ‘Icebreaker 16‘.
Held at Flinders Uni Tonsley campus, it was a Guinness world record attempt for the world’s largest networker. Over 1200 people converged under one roof for some epic meeting and greeting.
I’ve never been one for speed dating, yet here I was taking part in the world’s biggest speed dating for networkers.
22 dates at 3 minutes per date.
Handing over my business card, common courtesy allowed that I then had one and a half minutes to give the stranger opposite me my highlight reel, in the hopes of making a prosperous connection.
It was epic to be sure, but by date 21 I was hungry, busting for a wee and sounded like Keith Richards after a hard night.
Quite obviously, the exact opening question each of my 22 dates asked me was; “So what is Food According to Bree?”

And since then, it’s got me pondering and reflecting. Icebreaker has invoked a minor break through.
Of course I know what food is, according to me…
But, ‘Food According to Bree’ is a space that I created to hold my precious recipes and precious memories. A way to put my thoughts and ideas out there, for others to enjoy, but also for me to enjoy.
An amusement and a release.
A digital embodiment of me, but a therapeutic confessional as well.
Documentation of my imperfect cooking, my imperfect parenting, my imperfect wife-ing, my imperfect friend-ing and my glaringly imperfect grammar.

Why is it, that the stuff we do for ourselves is always the first to get sliced from the schedule when shit gets crazy?
And I realize my systematic eye twitch, neck knots and mild insomnia are signs that I need to get some balance back into my inner chi.
I’ve now pledged to make time for me.
I’ve begun doing a beginners Yoga DVD in my loungeroom. However, my chronic inflexibility and the background noise from kids/husband/dog/bird voids its purpose I feel… *finishes DVD more stressed than before starting*
And while physical exercise is essential for good health, writing this blog is exercise for my psyche.

Tragically, I’d forgotten what this blog truly means to me.
Sliced from my schedule, it has become a time luxury that I’ve struggled to afford.
And now, it’s become clear to me.
I’ve been so consumed with writing 1500 word essays about something… That I failed to remember, I can just write 300 word posts about absolutely nothing.
I can talk about my love for Golden North honey flavoured Giant Twins.
I can regale with stories about my late 20’s Botox obsession and its undocumented, yet clear usefulness as an insurance policy against wrinkles.
I can tell about how Cory and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last Sunday, but then we realized it was actually on Monday.
I can pen posts as random as my crazy thoughts, because that’s what this blog really is, my crazy thoughts.
I just have to do what I love to do, write… I also really need to work on my seated forward fold.

Until next time… Namaste xxx

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  1. Mike said on June 15, 2017 Reply
    Bree Was wondering if you had a recipe for creme fraiche? I can't seem to get my version to thicken, not sure if it is my home made buttermilk that is the issue or if there is some thickening agent I should use, or maybe use something other than buttermilk. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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